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Thursday, July 21, 2011

How Your HOA Can Save Money

If your Homeowner Association is mandating that you and your neighbors keep your roofs clean, but they are not hiring a Professional to service the whole community at the same time, your community is more than likely spending much more than it needs to.

Group discounts and standardization of services are extremely important in effective management of a community, maintaining property values, and maximizing limited resources.

Example: An HOA with 300 homes that can secure a $100 discount for each of its Residents by coordinating services for the Community has effectively saved its Residents $30,000. This is money that can be better used to either offset other expenses or to keep Dues Increases down.

Many HOA Board Members and Property Managers are reluctant to deal with this issue because they assume that if the Community hires a company to do the work, the Community is then responsible for ANY problems that might be perceived to be related to that work. This is not the case. 

Board Members and Property Managers can help maintain the aesthetics of the community and do their residents a great service, while saving the community significant expense, by hiring a company with the following verifiable qualifications:

  • Licensing
  • Insurance, both Liability and Workers Comp
  • Experience with processes and/or solutions that are safe for the roof and surrounding property
  • References from properties of similar size and structure
  • Approval from Manufacturers
Communities can also save significant expense by eliminating the Roof Cleaning altogether. Roof-A-Cide offers the ONLY stain prevention process that is Proven Effective, Safe for the Roof and Landscaping, EPA Approved, and Approved by Roof Manufacturers.


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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Homeowner Association Roofs

  With this economy squeezing everyone, Homeowner Associations have to balance the need to manage expenses and the need to preserve Property Values. In this environment, proper and cost-effective maintenance on major replacement items such as Roofs is becoming even more important - because it always costs less in the Long Run.

A little neglect may breed great mischief...for want of a nail the shoe was lost; for want of a shoe the horse was lost; and for want of a horse the rider was lost.
– Ben Franklin

  Responsible Management knows that roofs should be cleaned and maintained and that improper cleaning or neglecting necessary maintenance can drastically reduce service life and will only increase the actual costs to the Community.

  We can Help! From Individual Homes to Communities of over 1,000, Authorized Roof-A-Cide Applicators are licensed, trained, and equipped to provide the safest, most cost-effective solution to ugly roof stains.  Combined with the periodic inspections and routine maintenance recommended by the National Roofing Contractors Association and every manufacturer, Roof-A-Cide Stain Prevention will help you get the maximum possible service life from your roofs and minimize unnecessary costs and disruptions to the Community.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Why do Knowledgeable Homeowners and Property Managers Choose Roof-A-Cide?

  • It is Safer for the Roof
  • It is More Effective
  • It is Safer for the Environment
Roof Cleaning Information for Homeowners

Roof Cleaning Information for Property Managers

A Light Spray will PREVENT Ugly Roof Stains for YEARS
EPA Approved and Approved by Roof Manufacturers

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Choosing The Right Contractor To Install Your Roof Is Just As Important As Choosing The Right Materials

Earl W. Johnston Roofing Inc., family owned and operated, has been proving this in South Florida by building a solid reputation with Quality, Consistency, and a Focus on Customer Service since 1986!  Earl W. Johnston Roofing Inc. has earned some of the highest designations, certifications, and awards working with Shingle, Tile, Metal, TPO, and Flat Roofs.
A roof is a significant, long-term investment. So Homeowners, Condo Associations, and Property Managers should look for a Roofing Professional that will maintain the roof over the long term in order to keep it functioning properly and preserve the Manufacturer’s Warranty. A cost-effective maintenance program will save money, avoid unexpected / unnecessary problems, and maximize the life of the roof while minimizing the actual cost.

Recognized as a leader in the industry, Earl W. Johnston Roofing Inc. is One Of The FEW Truly Full-Service Roofing Professionals in South Florida. They not only install roofs - more importantly, they Maintain Their Customers’ Roofs so they are able to offer the longest, most comprehensive, and most cost-effective roof warranties available today.

With so many companies here today and gone tomorrow, it is reassuring to know that Earl W. Johnston Roofing Inc. has been taking care of their Customers in South Florida for over 25 years. And while some Roofing companies are following their lead and are now starting to offer Roof Cleaning and Maintenance, Earl W. Johnston Roofing Inc. has been doing it for decades and can offer the expertise, experience, and proven results that others just can’t.

Find out what you really should expect from a Professional Roofing Company. Contact Earl W. Johnston Roofing Inc. today to learn more about their Roof Cleaning and Maintenance.  This program will make sure your roof is prepared for each Hurricane Season and it will keep your roof looking and performing like new for years to come: 954/989-7794.

Note: All Earl W. Johnston Roofing Inc. Customers receive Priority Scheduling and Service in the event of a Major Storm or Disaster. 

“Your Roof is Our Business” - Earl W. Johnston Roofing Inc. handles ALL your Roofing needs with the assurance that can only come with years of Training, Experience and Proven Results.
  • Shingle, Tile, Metal, TPO, or Flat Roofs
  • New Roofs and Re-Roofs
  • Roof Inspection, Repair, Cleaning, Reflective Coatings, and Roof-A-Cide Treatment 
GAF Master Elite Contractor, Authorized Roof-A-Cide Applicator, FPL Participating Independent Contractor, Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner, Members of the Better Business Bureau, the National Roofing Contractors Association and the Roofing Contractors Association of South Florida.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stone Coated Steel / Stone Coated Metal Roofs

With Stone Coated Metal Roofs becoming more popular, Homeowner, Property Managers, and Contractors have had to deal with the prospect of cleaning them. Stone Coated Metal roofs develop the unsightly algae stains just like almost every other roofing material and Property Managers, Homeowners, and Property Maintenance Professionals need a solution to keep these roofs clean SAFELY.

The typical roof cleaning methods used by inexperienced contractors - Pressure Cleaning or Very High-Strength Chlorine Bleach can easily damage these roofs and repairs are expensive.

But Roof-A-Cide has been working with Manufacturers of these roofs for close to a decade to help them evaluate Roof-A-Cide in the Lab and in the Field. After extensive testing, Roof-A-Cide once again proved to be Safe and Effective and has been Approved for use in Preventing Ugly Roof Stains and Eliminating the need for Roof Cleaning. So Customers with these types of roofs don't need to worry about Roof Cleaning if they are working with an Authorized Roof-A-Cide Applicator.

If your Roofing Professional or Property Maintenance Professional does not offer Roof-A-Cide so you can avoid the need for Roof Cleaning, contact us at 800/806-6727 or visit out website at and we can put you in touch with a Company that does. Roof-A-Cide is used by some of the Largest, Most Established Roofing and Property Maintenance Companies in Florida.

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Changes in The Roof Cleaning Industry

The Roof-A-Cide Team had an opportunity last month to participate in one of the Southeast’s most widely attended Roofing Conventions. It was very educational and it was great to see that many of the Roofing Professionals we spoke with are now starting to understand how important Roof Cleaning is to their customers and how important it is for their companies to offer this service.

For far too long, Homeowners Associations and Communities here in Florida have mandated Roof Cleaning – while most Roofing Professionals were not offering it. As a result, it has too often been left to contractors that are not licensed, not insured, not trained, and not qualified to do the work properly. The result has been damage that is expensive and unnecessary. We expect to see this changing in the near future.

Our presentation generated a lot of interest from companies looking at the Safety of Roof-A-Cide, Approvals from Roofing Manufacturers, Proven Track Record, Our Training Program, and Our Guarantee  ALL of which are unmatched in the industry and why Roof-A-Cide is The Industry Leader.

And with this new insight into their customers’ needs and an understanding of the benefits of Roof-A-Cide, we hope to see many of these companies join the other Roofing, Construction, and Property Maintenance Professionals that offer their customers Roof-A-Cide because it’s a much safer and more cost-effective approach to properly maintaining a roof!

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