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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Community Manager & Board Member Education

Want to Help Educate and Inform Your Managers or Boards of Directors?

Roof-A-Cide Offers On-Site Property Maintenance Presentations for Property Management companies and Community or Condo Associations.

We work with some of Florida’s most established and respected Roofing, Painting, and Property Maintenance companies. These customized presentations have been created to focus on how the companies we work with help Communities to implement very cost-effective maintenance programs that will increase the useful life of Roofs, Paint, and Concrete Surfaces such as Driveways or Sidewalks - and thereby lower overall costs and minimize disruptions to Communities.

Learn how we can help you:
  • Maintain your Communities More Effectively
  • Save Money
  • Do this with Proven, Environmentally Safe Processes

These are Educational, Multi-media, Q&A Presentations that can range from 5 minutes to an hour Depending on YOUR Time and Meeting Requirements.
If you would like to arrange one of these presentations for your company or Association, please contact us at 800-806-6727 ext 8 or email us at

Learn why knowledgeable Roofing and Property Maintenance Professionals as well as Community Management Professionals choose Roof-A-Cide and how Your Community Can Benefit.

Roof-A-Cide is Win-Win for Your Community!

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