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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Community Roof Cleaning and Maintenance

Here's a video we did recently that shows what preventative maintenance across a whole community can accomplish.

This is a community of 400+ homes that works with one of our Applicators. Their roofs are approximately 15 years old. And while most 15 year old shingle roofs in Florida would be black by now, these have never needed to be cleaned and they look almost pristine. Why? Because of Proactive, Preventative Maintenance.

Roof Cleaning is very common here in Florida because when the roof is covered in black algae, it not only looks bad and detracts from the aesthetics of the property or community, it detracts from the value of the property or community. This is why many homeowners in South Florida don't have a choice as to whether or not to keep their roofs clean - it's mandated by the communities they live in.

But cleaning the roofs with harsh chemicals or pressure cleaning puts unnecessary wear & tear on the roof and opens up the potential for damage. Preventative Maintenance is much easier on the roof and more cost-effective. Periodic inspections, minor repairs when needed, preventing algae & moss growth, etc all contribute to maximizing the life of the roof and lowering overall costs of ownership.

By eliminating the need for roof cleaning, this community is improving the aesthetics of the community, improving property values, reducing unnecessary disruption throughout the community, reducing unnecessary wear & tear, maximizing the life of the roofs - AND they're saving the community money while doing it.

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