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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Steep Slope Roofing Basics for Board Members and Community Managers

We’re pleased to announce that our state certified CEU course, "Steep Slope Roofing Basics", is now available for Board Members and Community Managers.

This course is designed to help Florida Community Association, HOA, and Condo Association Board Members and Managers maximize the expected life of their roofing systems, while minimizing their costs, by understanding how their roofs are constructed and what steps are necessary to keep roofing systems functioning properly for as long as possible.

Board Members and Managers completing this course will earn CEU credit while gaining an understanding of the following:

  • Common roof designs: Gable vs Hip vs Mansard, etc.
  • Design elements of a roofing system: Ridge, Hip, Valleys, etc.
  • Roof components: Underlayment, flashings, vents, etc.
  • Common roof materials: Tile, shingle, stone-coated metal, membrane, etc.
  • Roof warranties: Manufacturer vs Workmanship
  • Roof maintenance: Common roof inspection & maintenance requirements
  • Roof repairs: Most common areas of roof failure / leaks
  • Roof cleaning: What to do & what NOT to do
  • Life expectancy: Understand the lifecycle of different roofing systems and how maintenance, or lack of it impacts the life expectancy & costs

The better you understand your roofs and the maintenance requirements,
the better you're able to control costs
This course will be made available to Board Members and Managers through the following venues:
  • CAI functions
  • CAM educational groups & events
  • Trade shows
  • Staff training at your location for Property Management companies

If you would like to have this course presented for your group, community, or staff, please contact us at 800-806-6727 or via

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