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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Jaco Contracting - Authorized Roof-A-Cide® Applicator serving the Metro Atlanta Area

I recently had a chance to speak with Corey Womack & Jake Gresham, Owners of Jaco Contracting Solutions, to discuss their business and what they see as the challenges and opportunities for their company in dealing with homeowners and communities in the Metro Atlanta area.

To start off with, here’s a little background information on Jaco Contracting: 
Jaco Contracting is a General Contracting company that specializes in roofing, new home builds, remodels, insurance claims contracting, and now Roof Cleaning & Roof-A-Cide® Stain Prevention. They have 25 years in the contracting field with 1000's of job under their belt. They strive for customer satisfaction and are always going the extra step to make sure the job is completed with quality.

  1. What separates Jaco Contracting from other Roofing Contractors in your area and who is your ideal customer? 
    Jaco Contracting is a state of Georgia Licensed General Contractor, so in addition to Roofing, our company is licensed, insured, and qualified to handle many other jobs that other Contractors are not- such as gutters, siding, remodeling, water & fire mitigation – in addition to building homes from start to finish. We have a clear reporting structure in place and we have a supervisor on site from start to finish on every job. Our Ideal Customer is someone who appreciates quality and results. Our Ideal Customer also looks for Contractors that value education and are Certified by major manufactures.
  2. What Certifications or Endorsement do you have from Roofing Manufacturers?
    Jaco Contracting is a CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster™ which allows us to offer extended and enhanced warranties. Only 1% of contractors carry this certification. Jaco Contracting is also Certified Shingle Specialist with Owens Corning.
  3. What do you see as your biggest challenges in bringing your services to the people you're trying to serve? In addition to educating Customers to the need for hiring Contractors that are Licensed and Insured, getting Customers to understand the benefits of Roof Cleaning and Maintenance. Many people think that once the roof is installed, they don’t have to do anything anymore and that they’re covered by a warranty if anything happens. But this is not the case. In most instances, the roof warranty REQUIRES periodic inspections and necessary maintenance in order for the warranty to remain intact.
  4. What are the most common problems you see when you’re inspecting roofs?
    Algae moss algae, flashing issues, debris in the valleys which leads to roof rot, as well as cracked & brittle shingles.
  5. Why are these areas more of a problem?
    These are the areas most prone to leaks, so they require regular attention – but most Homeowners don’t realize this. So when we get a call, it’s usually an advanced problem that really could have been headed off a long time ago.
  6. What inspection schedule would you recommend for homeowners and community managers? The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends a yearly inspection, but we find that most homes in the Metro Atlanta area are fine with a two-year inspection cycle.
  7. Why did you choose to offer Roof-A-Cide?
    At first it was because our Customers kept asking what they could do about the dark streaks and stains appearing on their roofs. We tried to educate them on Roof Cleaning, but there weren't a lot of good options and people were justifiably concerned about possible damage associated with roof cleaning. Roof-A-Cide seemed to be the perfect alternative. It’s a long-term preventative product that eliminates the need for repeated cleaning. As long as we apply a light spray to the roof every couple of years, the roof looks great year after year and we never need to worry about pressure cleaning or using harsh chemicals - GUARANTEED. It also eliminates a lot of the concerns people had with regards to landscaping and it’s approved by the largest manufacturers of shingle, concrete & clay tile, and stone-coated metal roofs.
  8. What is your vision for the company – where do you see it in 10-15 years? Our goal is to continue to grow throughout the Metro Atlanta area working Homeowners, Communities, and Businesses to become THE Roofing Contractor that people look for when they expect Quality, Service, & Value.
  9. What areas does your company serve?
    We service all of Metro Atlanta.
  10. How is the best way for a customer to reach you?
    Customers can reach via phone at 770-385-5788 they can reach us through our website:

JACO Contracting Inc,
1094B Access Rd,
Covington GA 30014
Office : 770-385-5788
Fax : 770-787-6963
Jaco Contracting Website

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