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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Roof Protection – Before & After the Storm

With the last three years being some of the most active hurricane seasons on record, Florida has been lucky and we haven’t been slammed. But the season has started again and those of us that were here during ’04 & ’05 know what CAN happen. And if you lived in Florida during those years, you’re probably not taking any pre-season forecast as a solid indicator of what will probably happen to Florida this summer.

Anything can happen and we usually only have a couple of days to really hunker down. Being prepared beforehand does not take a lot of time and effort. And it will make weathering the storm much easier if your area does happen to get hit.

Many Homeowners and Communities throughout Florida had to deal with blue tarps serving as their roofs for weeks and sometimes years - as they tried to find Licensed, Qualified Roofing Companies that could help them. You can avoid this.

Along with other preparations, you can make sure your roof is in the best shape to handle a storm by calling one of these Roof-A-Cide® Applicators. These are Licensed Roofing Contractors that can evaluate your roof, make any necessary repairs, and offer you a complete Roof Maintenance Program that is affordable and can help extend the life of your roof. 

Most of these companies also offer significant discounts on repairs and priority scheduling for their customers on a Roof Maintenance Program in the event that a storm does hit:

  • Broward / Miami Dade: Earl Johnston Roofing: 954-989-7794
  • Broward / Miami Dade: P&H Owens Roofing: 954-987-2095
  • Daytona / Space Coast: WKL Roofing: 386-274-1001
  • Gainesville area – Perry Roofing: 352-373-2724
  • Naples area – Advanced Roofing & Sheet Metal: 888-386-4412
  • Orlando / Central Fl: Collis Roofing: 877-COLLIS1
  • Sarasota area: Avery Roof Services: 941-484-2670
  • Tallahassee & The Panhandle: Tadlock Roofing: 850-877-5516

Track incoming storms:

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Florida Roofing Companies offering Roof-A-Cide® and Complete Roof Maintenance Programs

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